Future plans

During the next year we will continue to deliver our vision to advance surgical care through our strategic priorities for 2016–19:

Quality and
Career and
Influence and

Quality and Standards

(Strategic Priority 1)

Advance standards and reduce the variability of patient outcomes

We aim to improve the use and quality of existing and possible future sources of clinical data. This information will inform and drive improvements in the care delivered by surgeons. The RCS will take a leading role in delivering quality improvement plans and sharing best practice specific to surgery.

Career and Professional

(Strategic Priority 2)

Attract, educate, develop and support high-quality surgeons

We will encourage and inspire students and doctors to become surgeons. We will play a central role in educating, developing and supporting surgeons throughout the whole of their careers

Influence and Engagement

(Strategic Priority 3)

Influence and shape future health policy and practice to advance standards of surgical care

We will develop a proactive and planned approach to stakeholder engagement, nationally and internationally. We will include all those involved in the delivery of healthcare including clinicians, patients, managers, politicians and commissioning organisations.

Since the end of the 2016-2017 financial year we have made significant progress in a number of areas and will continue to focus on these in 2018:

Reaching out to members across the UK

We have continued our programme of career-stage events at locations across the UK. We have launched a partnership with the University of Manchester, enabling us to deliver courses at state-of-the-art facilities in the north. The university is also now the base of our 'Outreach Hub North and Midlands'.

Improving training and surgical outcomes

We are making progress with projects including Quality Improvement and Chole-QuIC. Applications and information relating to the 2018 Improving Surgical Training pilot were communicated throughout November and will begin in August 2018 with 43 pilot sites and 82 training posts across England, Wales and Scotland. Urology and vascular will be joining general surgery in the pilot in 2019.

Supporting the surgical care team

We have launched careers information about many of the surgical care team roles, and will have new guidance and resources available for surgical teams in December. We have also committed to opening up associate membership to the surgical care team in 2018, as a result of feedback from the surgical care team project working group.

A continued focus on digital technology, e-resources and e-learning

Alongside the launch of our Postgraduate Certificate in Surgery, we are developing new e-learning resources and have begun a new programme of webinars. We are also rolling out more services online so you can access what you need when you need it.

Project Transform: building redevelopment

The redevelopment of our London home is underway and will re-launch in autumn 2020 with state-of-the-art facilities. The project will embrace our prestigious heritage, equip the profession for the future and ensure we can effectively support the next generation of surgeons.